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Top 10 NFT projects to checkout.

Top 10 NFT projects to checkout.

Top 10 NFT Projects of 2021/2022

Ever since NFTs first came into existence about five years ago, people’s fascination about these digital assets has kept on growing exponentially. This fascination has been fuelled by different reasons.

Innovation at its Best

Some people are simply excited by the novelty of how technologically innovative NFTs are. On the other hand, some people are interested in NFTs because they view NFTs as an investment opportunity that can lead to great financial rewards in the long-term.

However, the bottom line is that people want to understand and know more about NFTs and how they can participate. Therefore, have you always wished to participate in the world of NFTs by creating an NFT project and putting it up for sale or by simply buying and then selling NFT collectibles at a profit?

If so, then it would really help to copy notes from those who have excelled at it. The following are the top 10 NFT projects of 2021/2022;

1)    Cryptopunks; Developed by Larva Lab, the Cryptopunks NFT collection was launched back in 2017 and has grown to become one of the most popular and successful NFT collections. The project has a fixed total of 10,000 collectibles and is primarily based on the Ethereum blockchain.

2)    Bored Ape Yacht Club; You have probably come across intriguing images of apes that look bored and sullen somewhere on the internet. If you have, then that artwork is a product of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Like the Cryptopunks project, this collection has 10,000 collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain and has attracted over 5,000 owners since its launch.

3)    Axie Infinity; The Axie Infinity NFT collection is very unique in that it integrates gaming with blockchain technology. With over 2 million users, Axie Infinity allows players to battle with fun monsters called Axies and with each victory they earn rewards which can then be traded as cryptocurrencies.

4)    Mutant Ape Yacht Club; You can think of the Mutant Ape NFTs as Bored Apes that have undergone a transformation as a result of being exposed to mutant serum. The only difference is that the apes are more distinct from each other and their design is more dramatic than the Bored Apes. This particular collection has about 8,600 owners and has also been immensely popular in the NFT space.

5)    Decentraland; You may have had the term “virtual land” being mentioned in crypto and NFT circles. That is exactly what Decentraland is about. The project has a virtual 3D world wherein users can purchase land on the Ethereum Blockchain. Decentraland has its own cryptocurrency called MAN which players use to buy the plots of land in the virtual world.

6)    Doodles; Spacemen, skeletons, aliens, launched in Oct 2021 sold immediately

7)    Clone X;

8)    The Sandbox; The Sandbox is essentially a Metaverse video game where users can purchase NFTs in the NFT marketplace then use them to make progress in the game The Sandbox provides users with an opportunity to purchase property (LAND) in the Metaverse using its in-house cryptocurrency called SAND. It is one of the most popular blockchain video games currently and this popularity is projected to continue soaring and attracting more investors.

9)    NBA Top Shot; NBA Top Shot is another NFT project like Axie Infinity and The Sand Box that is at the forefront of popularizing NFT gaming. The result of a partnership between Dapper Labs and the NBA, NBA Top Shot enables fans to buy and sell captivating game highlights of NBA matches. The fact that NBA Top Shot has made over $200 million in sales is a testament to just how popular the marketplace has been in the 2021/2022 period.

10) Meebits; Larva labs creators of cryptopunks 20000 3D characters opensea and raribles

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