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The Most Popular Brands on The Metaverse

The Most Popular Brands on The Metaverse (Source: Nikeland, TheDrum)

The Most Popular Brands on The Metaverse

While the metaverse is virtual, it is also real. It is an online world, which could soon become its own economy. Many popular brands are realizing the potential that it holds. As more people sign up for the metaverse, brands are better positioning themselves to be part of the revolution. Here is a list of some of the most popular brands on the metaverse.


The iconic, century-old brand has not wasted time getting in on the metaverse trend. In December 2021, the company filed a patent for a virtual world simulator. The patent will reproduce one of the company’s theme parks in 3D. Users will be able to move around in the immersive world using AR devices.

Disney is planning to launch its own metaverse, which will allow the company to tell stories without boundaries. The inclusion of block-chain technology is still unknown.


Nike, the global sports apparel brand, entered the metaverse in December 2021. The company announced that it had acquired RTFKT, an NFT studio, which produces digital collectibles that include digital speakers. Its goal is to merge culture and gaming and introduce its brand to the younger crowds, who are most likely to be interested in NFTs. Nike’s acquisition came shortly after it filed seven new patents that indicated it intended to produce and sell Nike-branded apparel for virtual environments.


The world-renowned fashion brand, teamed up with Roblox to release Gucci Garden, a unique and interactive virtual exhibit. Visitors to Gucci Garden could tour using avatars, which resemble neutral mannequins. They can visit different rooms, with each mannequin absorbing elements of the exhibition. Once their journey is completed, each avatar transforms into a unique creation based on how they interacted with the rooms.


Coca-Cola is one of the world’s biggest beverage brands which has partnered with Tafi to design virtual wearables for the brand’s first-ever NFT collectibles in the metaverse. These NFTs were unveiled to celebrate International Friendship Day. The company auctioned an NFT loot box on OpenSea which contained digital apparel that could be worn in the virtual world, Decentraland. Friendship Box by Coca-Cola, which is a reimagined version of the company’s vending machine, is designed as an NFT and once unlocked contains a bubble jacket wearable, a Sound Visualizer to capture the experience of sharing Coca-Cola, and a Friendship Card inspired by the company’s trading cards from the 1940s.


The renowned fashion house partnered with Epic Games to create high-fashion Fortnite skins. They designed four skins alongside Balenciaga-themed accessories such as a designer pickaxe and a bling backpack.

An in-game Balenciaga-themed hub and a real-world clothing line was created. The hub comes with a virtual store for Balenciaga apparel where visitors can purchase cosmetics. Above the virtual store, there is an animated billboard that features the walking dog, Doggo, in a hoodie. The billboard was later created in real life London, Tokyo, New York, and Seoul.


Fortnight once announced a food fight event between Team Burger and Team Pizza. Wendy’s came up with an organic meta campaign to promote its burgers. Wendy’s created an avatar on Twitch, dropped into the game and began to destroy the burger freezers. For nine hours, Wendy’s just destroyed burger freezers, promoting its mission on Twitter and inviting gamers to join. It was perceived as a fun, interactive event that helped to grow the brand online.

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