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5 Companies You Should Know About. These Companies Are Joining the Metaverse Revolution.

5 Companies You Should Know About. These Companies Are Joining the Metaverse Revolution.

5 Companies You Should Know About. These Companies Are Joining the Metaverse Revolution.

The metaverse is taking the internet to new heights. It combines various technologies developed in the past twenty years most notably high-speed internet, 3D animation, VR and AR technology. The metaverse creates 3D simulations that allow users to interact with each other in real time. Here is a list of companies leading the global metaverse revolution down under.


Fastly is an Australian company that creates computing infrastructure that is specifically designed to centralise servers and data creation to reduce lag time and encourage consumer use. The platform has moved 145 terabytes of data per second across 28 nations. This has significantly cut lag time as the metaverse becomes a reality.


The digital analytics company is working to integrate maintenance, safety, and management, into the industrial aspect of the metaverse. The company’s AI-driven solution will enable companies to virtually access their data sites remotely and visualise information in an accessible format.


Matterport uses VR technology to virtualize properties so that real estate agents can give potential buyers a property walk through from the comfort of their home. Alongside spatial capturing, the company uses cloud services to store virtual spaces and sells various tools needed to design and collaborate in the space. Matterport technology creates realistic, traversable spaces that can be experienced by anyone in any location around the world.


Nvidia is known for making microchips, however, the company has gone one step further and installed AI into microchips. Technology developed by Nvidia is sought by other companies such as Fastly which heavily relies on microchips to run complex calculations. Nvidia will no doubt play an important role in delivering the processing power for the metaverse.

PlaySide Studios

PlaySide is one of the biggest independent game developers in Australia. From its base in Melbourne, the company has created numerous games sourced from its original IP and that of major studios like Warner Bros, and Disney. The company specialises in VR and AR technology. It is currently working on numerous Web3 products, and recently launched a metaverse franchise called Beans by Dumb Ways to Die.

It is crucial that companies of all sizes work together to ensure that the metaverse for the long-term success of the metaverse.

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